Flute A# - ​Triple Aromatic Cedar

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Triple Aromatic Cedar Flute

This triple flute, sculpted from a single piece of aromatic cedar, is handcrafted by Odell Borg, a true connoisseur of the native flute. Several well-adjusted leather bands allow you to cover the access of certain parts of your flute to offer you a variety of options. The carved pieces on each section, held against the flute by a leather rope, can be moved to tune the entire instrument before playing.

The left flute is known as the 'source' note of A#, the one in the center has the traditional six holes, it is used to give the notes to the melody, while the right flute has three holes to double some notes and offer a unique effect. As this flute requires more breath and control, it is recommended for more experienced people.

The triple flute is tuned in A# minor, produces a warm and resonant sound, offering you the perfect accompaniment to the double bass flutes A#.

Length: 19" (64 cm)
Width: 13" (33 cm)

Demonstration by Odell Borg :